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Speed Run Walkthrough

I strongly recommend playing some or all of the game yourself before reading this walkthrough. The game is about discovery and exploration. If you follow a speedrun walkthrough, you will miss out on the experience of playing. So why bother?

Quick Start

Goal 1 - Enter the dungeon on the right. Go down the left stairs then north. Right at intersection then continue to the dead end. It's a fake wall so go walk up. Get 56k G. Goal 2 - Backtrack until you see stairs and go up. Go immediately right until you find a chest worth 15k G. Goal 3 - Backtrack to the intersection, then go up, down the stairs and around until you find a chest worth 25k G. Goal 4 - Go back again and north to find another chest with 15k G just before the boss. End of game - If you reached this point, buy a Brionac, HP Gems or other items.
Repeat this process 2-3 times. Aim for Weapon: Brionac. Armor: Brynhild, Accessories: 2 HP +2 Gems, possibly 1 more Gem.
As you replay this, you will get stronger each run. By run 2 or 3, you should be able to survive Zone 350. In that case, pump points into ATK and DEF as you go and you should be able to defeat the boss at the end with energy to spare.

In my case, I ended up buying Gungnir + Assaulter Plate my first run, 2x HP Gems my second run, and my third run was easy.
Boss Fight
Defeat the evil boss for another 55k G and a "HP Potion" artifact. This is the strongest artifact in the game because it gives a huge boost to survivability. Equip it.
Now exit out the dungeon. Head directly north from spawn until the trail runs out then keep going north until you see a purple chest. If you work up slowly you should be able to survive every battle. Open the chest for 30k G and a Speed Potion artifact. Equip it.
At this point you should have ~15 energy, so next we'll try to reach 240k G for a Brave Axe. Head south down towards the spawn, south through the first crossroads and left at the next. Go north when the trail runs out, kill the 800 boss and enter the cave. Go north in the first door and work your way through to eventually find another gold chest. Buy whatever you can and restart.
Run 5
Repeat the same process.
  1. Clear the spawn dungeon. I exited with 20 energy, lvl 615 and 185k G.
  2. Fight up to the purple chest (now: 220k G)
  3. Fight to and through the 800 cave and 2 bosses. If you're lucky you might find some drops. Exit with ~400k G, 15 energy, lvl 1500.
  4. Head directly left to the 450 cave and fight your way around. In the 1400 zone, go south-east through the dead end false wall. If you can beat 1777 enemies without healing potions, you should be able to kill the boss. GET 100k G and Pandora Box. Equip the artifact.
  5. At this point, you should have around 535k G. Go back out the cave and North to zone 900. go NE and kil the fat blue insect. Go inside, cross the bridge, then through a false wall NW to kill the fat yellow guy. Head NE and cross the first bridge to find another chest. Now you should have 650k G. At this point, I buy the weapon "Splash" which will hold you over until late game weapons. Upgrade it 3 times with your shards.
  6. Go east, kill the 1,666 boss. I got really lucky and found an 'Honor Insigna +1'. Exit cave. Go SW, NW, SW and kill the white dragon. Make sure to grab the chest south of 1111 zone for another 30k G.
  7. Go NE into dungeon. Go right at the fork to kill purple Scyther. Then go up the left fork and kill both gnarly bosses. They are >2,000 lvl but you should wreck them with Splash. Exit cave.
  8. Go NW into the next cave. This one is harder. I survived fine with my accessories, just make sure you keep you def up because there's a big jump in levels here. I had 29k def for zone 3,810. That is a hard fight, so farm up if you need.
  9. When you're ready, continue back to the Southwest exit of the cave. You exit into a 6,310 zone - don't panic. Head directly south to safety. When you reach the 5,700 zone, go southeast. If you're feeling strong, pop into the cave to kill Kraken for 3 energy. Otherwise, continue southeast and enter the next cave.
  10. Loop around in this cave without going through any doors until you reach a dead end. Enter the dead end false wall to 4,555 zone. Farm up if you need then kill the boss to get the Freya Amulet artifact. I got lucky with a Demon Cloak drop here too.
  11. At this point, I have 4 accessories unlocked, the Splash weapon, the Demon Cloak armor. I'm level 6k with 26 energy.
  12. Exit south and then travel southeast. At zone 4950 head southwest. At zone 7111, go north between the trees and slowly work up to zone 8750. You need 130k def and at least 100k life and 200k dmg.
  13. Defeat Godzilla. Replace Speed Potion with Freya Amulet for an extra edge in the fight. Here I got VERY lucky and found an Honor Insigna +2.
  14. Enter the cave and head south to the crossroads then west. Levels scale rapidly here, so I recommend suicide running it. Exit the cave to find the Shield of God artifact and gold, then sprint back to safety.
  15. At this point, I am very low on energy and surrounded by tough zones. I used my remaining gold on the 5th accessory slot and an exp book v1. Go east and farm to try to kill the 12,777 boss or die.

Run 6 and beyond

Now you have a strong foundation. I recommend starting your runs with the 200 boss, then 800 boss, then clear the east dragon caves and continue from there. You have a few options after establishing the baseline.

Run 10 and beyond

Now you are entering mid-late game. A few new challenging areas are now available.
  • Go to the far southwest and clear the jungle temple.
  • Go to the near southwest and clear the evil mecha-castle.
  • Enter the Volcano area directly east of spawn and begin clearing it.
  • Runs 15+

    This is the end game. You should have all artifacts and at a minimum the strongest weapons money can buy. If you can't kill the Goat Guardian of the Volcano at level 1, you're not really in end game yet. At this point, you have a few options:
  • Farm the Volcano area
  • Farm the Generation 99,000 boss in the Southwest of the map
  • If you don't have it yet, farm the NE corner for EXP books.
  • Do a full map clear to stock up on energy, then try to kill the final boss (lvl 155,000).
  • Killing the final boss

    To kill the final boss, I recommend clearing the map with as much energy as possible. You need Speed Potion, Wisdom Scroll, and 3 combat artifacts maxed. I tend to clear in this order, which should spit you into the Cyber Haven with 75+ energy:
    1. Northeast dark mansion
    2. North dragon caves
    3. Southwest Jungle Temple
    4. Southwest caves + evil mecha-castle
    5. Volcano area
    6. Cyber Haven