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Re:Level1 is an RPG in the style of Inflation RPG that you can download for free on the Play store: Re:Level1 -2DRPG- or on the App Store Re:Level 1.

It has a fun and well-balanced early game, but that's totally broken by the Lottery system. I strongly encourage you to play through it for a while before reading any guides.

It's immediately obvious that this isn't an English-first app, but given how few great games currently fill this genre, I consider it worth a play. I did not feel the same way about its successor, Re:Level2.

Mid-End Game Guide

It took me a long time to understand this game, and in many ways I still don't. If there are good resources out there, I don't know where to find them. There is a sparsely populated wiki but that's it. I have tried to keep that wiki updated with content as I come across it, like drop rates.

Firstly, I don't know the best places to farm. Every zone in the Volcano seems to drop HP Gem +4. Monsters in UnderFall seem to drop commons. Infinite Tower rarely drops random commons. I haven't gotten any of the bosses to drop items yet. Lottery hasn't given me anything worthwhile yet (gold or hourglass).

Instead, the optimal source of weapons and armor seems to be PvP. At any level, you can usually find a few players on your combat board carrying one or two Rainbow (5 star) items. Thus, I propose my game strategy below:

  1. Save your hourglasses, don't spend them except 1-2 Rare lotteries whe first starting
  2. Play the game normally until you have ~30 days per play and can sprint to a lvl 8000 zone and farm it
  3. Choose an accessory to farm. 'Cosplay' from DeathDesert 8,230 or Exp Core 4 / Gold Core 4 from 'Deep Cavity' 7650 / 8000 are both good locations. Go there and spend all your days farming. Focus most of your stats on ATK and SPD.
  4. When you die, equip your best items and go start a battle. Pick someone with 1 or 2 5-star items and fight them.
    • If you win, great. Maybe you got an item.
    • If you lose, the game will tell you whether you'd get an item if you won AND you can spend an hourglass to keep fighting until you get the item. This is a good use for hourglasses. If you have enough ATK, you should win after 1-2 revives unless you picked someone who is too hard. Get your 5 star item.
  5. At some point, when you have 5-star weapon and armor, plus some ranks of Cosplay and Exp gem, you can plan on doing an Infinite Castle run. This could take dozens of hours of game time to max out, so I don't really recommend it.
  6. See the Appendix section below on Infinite Castle. Basically, every ~45 seconds you can complete lap, profiting 2 BP and ~1500 levels.


This section contains my notes on various topics.

Infinite Castle

Earth of the end