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'Crusher' skills make you more effective when wielding a 'slow' weapon (delay of 800 or more)

Skill Name Max Ranks Description
Slow but Strong 3 Your total damage increases by 60% and total delay by 50%
Thunder Clap 1 Gain 3 base speed and +15% bonus damage when wielding a slow weapon
Master of Power 2 Dropped weapons are much more likely to be slow
Cleave 1 Killing an enemy resets your attack delay
Volatile Aura 10 Whenever an enemy hits you, they take +20% of your weapon damage, rounded up.
Riposte 3 Whenever an enemy attacks you, there is a +7% chance to block the damage and retaliate with a counterattack.
Sweeping Retaliation 5 Whenever an enemy attacks you, there is a +6% chance to perform a counterattack against all nearby enemies for 50% of your total damage. Does not apply lifesteal.
Painful Reminder 1 Whenever you take damage, there is a 40% chance to reset your attack delay.
Tough Skin 2 Your base defense increases by +1 for each level (applies retroactively)


'Flurry' skills makes you more effective when wielding a 'fast' weapon (delay of 750 or less)

Skill Name Max Ranks Description
Accelerating Strikes 1 Reduces the base delay of your attacks by 70.
Lightning Charge 1 Gain 3 base speed and 10% reduced weapon delay when wielding a fast weapon
Disarming Technique 1 Gives a very small chance that each attack disarms your opponent, causing a weapon to immediately drop.
Master of Swiftness 2 Dropped weapons are much more likely to be fast
Thirst of the Vampire 1 You are no longer affected by lifesteal, but every attack heals you for 0.8% of your max life.
Vital Strikes 3 1% of your life is added to your total damage
Faster Attacks 2 Reduces your weapon delay by 10%
Armor Shred 3 Damage dealt to enemies increases their damage taken by 2%, stacking.


'Scholar' skills help you gain more experience, items and rewards

Skill Name Max Ranks Description
Learner 99 Gain +12% bonus exp from all sources.
Grandmaster 1 Gain double exp. Item drops are now based on your level, but can't drop stronger than rare.
Knowledge through Struggle 2 Gain +30% bonus experience, but your speed and damage are each 10% lower.
Quick Study 8 Gain a +12% chance to receive experience twice from any enemy killed. Unaffected by luck.
Devoted Researcher 3 Gain 15% extra shards when you die this game.
Uncontained Wisdom 1 Release a powerful explosion when you gain a new level.
Forager 3 Find 33% more potions.


'Berserker' skills increase your damage, lifesteal and empower you when you are low on life.

Skill Name Max Ranks Description
Tempered by Pain 1 Gain up to 45% bonus defense, proportional to your current missing life
Berserker Frenzy 1 Take 30% additional damage, but gain up to +60% damage and +30% attack speed proportional to your missing life.
Trial by Fire 1 Anytime you kill an enemy, if you have less than 60% life you gain +25% bonus experience
Lifesteal 2 Gain a permanent +4% Lifesteal
Bloodied 1 Your life can't exceed 50%. All damage you take is reduced by 40%.
Precise Strikes 9 Increase crit chance by 10%
Powerful Crits 99 Increase crit damage by 100%
Weapon Lifesteal Drop 1 3x chance of Lifesteal on dropped weapons


'Athletics' skills improve your movement and defense

Skill Name Max Ranks Description
Armor of Wind 1 While moving, you take 33% less damage from all sources.
Mobile Violence 1 Whenever an enemy attacks you, if your attack is ready you will attack back. Adds +100% bonus to damage if you are moving.
Full of Life 1 Gain 40% bonus speed when you have full life.
Archaeology 1 Gain 35% of the experience needed for your current level when you advance a floor. Unaffected by any exp bonuses.
Sprinter 1 You have +5 speed
Crippling Malice 2 Enemies that you've damaged deal 15% less damage and move 10% slower
King of Hearts 2 Doubles the chance of a heart dropping from enemies and chests
Enduring Resilience 99 Your base max life increases by an extra +5 each level. (applies retroactively)
Roll with the Punches 2 All incoming damage is reduced by 10%
Speed Limit 1 Limit movement from speed to 35. Gain +2% dmg for each speed point above 35.

Luck Skills

'Luck' skills makes luck affect more game actions.

Skill Name Max Ranks Description
Lucky Strike 1 Increases the variability of your attacks to deal 0%-200% of your total damage. (current: 50%-150%)
Free from Desire 1 You have a 75% bonus to luck, but luck no longer affects item drops
Lucky Defense 1 Every time you take damage, you instead take 50%-150% of that and your luck bonus applies. This range can be modified by Lucky Strike.
Dodge 3 Whenever an enemy attacks you, there is a +10% chance to dodge the attack
Combat Luck 1 Your luck bonus now applies to your chance to crit, block, riposte and counterattack.
+Luck 25 Gain +12 Luck
+Luck Drop 5 2x chance of +Luck on dropped items

Archery Skills

Hunter Only. Increases your power with Bow weapons.

Skill Name Max Ranks Description
More Bows 1 Almost all weapons that drop will be bows
Bow Knockback 1 Your arrows knock enemies back (knockback per arrow decreases with higher attack speed)
Hastened Archery 1 Gain 15% attack speed and 10% speed when using a bow.
Double Loading 4 Fire 2 extra arrows on 12% of attacks.
Sprinter 1 You have +5 speed
Heavy Draw 3 Gain +20% damage when using a bow.
Fatal Arrows 1 Arrows which kill an enemy continue through and gain 50% more damage